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Alternate_Oz needs you!!!!

2007-09-08 20:45:45 by AlternateOz

Hey people!! This is Alternate_Oz .
We make stupid music on purpose and would like your input on what songs to keep and which we should get rid of(A. not all of them thankyou)
We have posted some on newgrounds and you kind find the rest at Thanx.
By the way, yes the music is cheap,poor quality,badly written and poorly sung but thats the way we want it. It's not to be taken seriously,since we lake the capacity to make good music we have decided to make corny cheesy music cuzz thats what we are all about.

Alternate_Oz needs you!!!!


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2007-09-08 20:47:32

Yes I mispelled some word's Keyboards a little screwed up as well myself :P